Starting in 2011, our fishing reports will password protected, this information will be made available upon request by the member by using the password issued to them by the club.  The information that will posted will be the number of kings caught, where, wind direction, barometric pressure, and when available the bait they were caught on and also when available the number of kings lost.  We do this in order to avoid boats surrounding or trolling near the piers to cut us off.  They have the entire ocean to find the elusive king, we have to wait for them to get to us.  If any club member can think of any other information useful on a fishing report plus email the club with your ideas and we will discuss it with all members.  However we will post on our site fishing reports on all the fish that are necessary to catch the big one including non-eatable fish:  MENHADEN, RIBBONFISH, CIGAR MINNOWS, LIZARD FISH, GRASS SHAD OR L-Ys,and LADYFISH.

Welcome aboard Johnnie Mercer’s Pier.   We look forward to working with you over the year to help in catching the big one.  Welcome aboard to B.J. Phelps, owner of Carolina Beach Northern Extension Pier who became a sponsor on September 11, 2009 and Mike Robertson of Kure Beach Pier who was our first sponsor in August 2009.  For further information stay tune.  If you have any ideas please email us.  Tournament information will be advertised on the site promoting all sponsored Piers’ Tournaments.