Rules & Regulations

We reserve the right to refuse entry into the club, tournament or event. Tournament Fees DO NOT INCLUDED PIER PASS.

  1. All participants must adhere to the rules of the pier they fish on. Any person that violates the rules of the pier or the tournament will be DISQUALIFIED and NO REFUND.
  2. No baits in the water before 7 a.m. Fishing ends at 7pm . If a fish is hooked near cut-off time YOU MUST call at the time of hookup for the fish to count.
  3. If you have a medical condition that could prevent you from fighting a fish from start to finish YOU MUST inform the club before the tournament starts and designate am alternate. Once the alternate takes OVER you can NOT retake fighting the fish.
  5. This TOURNAMENT is multi-species and is the LARGEST FISH PERIOD among the following: King, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefish(minimum of 1 lb)(subject to state cobia rules which could mean CLOSER for cobia in the fall which means only KING, BLUE and Spanish for Fall Tournaments

Calcutta is OPTIONAL among each PIER and will be decided on the pier on the day of the tournament.

  1. All qualifying fish that are caught must be whole, with only gaff puncture marks. No half or partial fish and called into to either Tony Hay or Max Weavil
  2. All fish must be caught ONLY on sponsored piers, must be weighed and photographed and the club must be notified of the catch, scales must be certified and approved by club.
  3. In the case of a tie the fish that is the first fish caught wins. In case of no fish caught we will DRAW for the winner.
  4. Fee to enter the Club King Tournaments is $25 for members and $35 for non-members. The non-members must submit their application for approval before entering the tournament. The kinger who hooks up the fish names the gaffers and anything that happens at the gaff stays at the gaff
  5. Tampering with another participants reel will mean immediate DISQUALIFICATION.
  6. The owner of the reel MUST fight the fish from start to finish. We allow exception if the person is in the bathroom, once notified that they have a fish they MUST be at the end and take over fighting the fish within 10 minutes. If the fish is landed BEFORE the kinger returns the fish does NOT count. ONLY that kinger can fight the fish to the gaff.
  7. There is NO WEATHER DATE, we will fish with the exception of a tropical storm or hurricane and the tournament will be canceled.


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